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Smith et al. 2014 Microbial community structure varies across soil aggregate pools in tropics. SBB 77:292-303

Smith, A.P., Marin-Sipotta, E., de Graff, M.A., Balser, T.C. 2014. Microbial community structure varies across soil organic matter aggregate pools during tropical land cover change. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 77:292-303


• Soil microsite heterogeneity is important in shaping microbial communities.

• Decreasing fungal to bacterial ratios abundance with aggregate size reflects differences in SOM composition.

• Greater Gm+:Gm− and lower C:N suggest more processed C in the finest soil fractions.

Peth et al. 2014 Localization of soil organic matter in soil aggregates... SBB

Peth et al. 2014 Localization of soil organic matter in soil aggregates using
synchrotron-based X-ray microtomography. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 78:189-194


A novel method is introduced to non-invasively locate soil organic matter in 3D.
• We use synchrotron based X-ray microtomography in combination with osmium staining.
• An X-ray absorption edge allows mapping of osmium specifically bound to OM.
• The results fill an important gap in deterministic modelling of OM turnover.

Six & Paustian 2014 Aggregate SOM as ecosytem property. SBB

Six & Paustian 2014. Aggregate-associated soil organic matter as an ecosystem property and a measurement tool. SBB 68:A4-A9

Evaluation of the impact and future directions of SBB citation classic Six et al. 2000, exploring microaggregates within macroaggregates and implications for functional SOM cycling


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