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Another Wallenstein review

Here is another Wallensten review, with location of denitrification genes in the cell.

Updated Primer List - SH

Here is the updated (updated) list of primers for the 4 denitrification genes of interest. This list is very similar to Kurt's updated primer list and also works off of Ranae's primer list. The primer pairs highlighted in yellow are those that seem like the best first shot based on their use on soil samples, their reliability across studies, and if they have been used for SYBR green-based qPCR.

N2O Thesis

I just finished up my Master's, which focused on N2O emissions. My thesis begins with a very broad introduction, moves to a field study, and then narrows down to a mesocosm study. Research is ongoing on a smaller scale, as I was attempting to quantify nirS, nirK, and nosZ genes and transcripts from soil samples taken every 24 hours from the mesocosm described in chapter 3. Still sort of working on that.

If you get to the discussion sections, there is quite a bit of microbial speculation in this thesis. At the very least, feel free to use this document as a source of references.

Metagenomic Approach

This is the paper we discussed at lab group meeting. This may be an interesting lead in terms of primers.

first look at functional genes

Here are a few papers published on some of the functional genes.  Initially I was looking for papers that had some connection with the ecology of the microorganisms.  We will want to do a more thorough search & identify the best published primers for our work.  Interestingly denitrification genes have been identified in bacteria, archea and eukaryotes. 

Check these out & add comments about the papers.

Alternative Biomass Cropping Systems & Microbial Processes

A critical gap in making progress toward ecologically beneficial farming practices is an explicit understanding of how soils store carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) over the long term. Farmers are facing new challenges that require management practices for improving soil quality, increasing both belowground (live roots) and aboveground (live cover) biomass, increasing soil organic matter, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To identify optimal man¬agement strategies, an understanding of microbial processes that regulate C and N cycling is essential.

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