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Fungal transcription and protein synthesis when emerging from dormancy

Metz et al. 2011. Expression of Biomass-Degrading enzymes is a Major Event during Conidium Development in Trchoderma reesei. Eukaryotic Cell

Lamarre et al. 2008. Transriptomic analysis of the exit from dormancy of Aspergillus fumigatus conidia. BMC Genomics

The susceptibility of soil enzymes to inhibition by leaf litter tannins is dependent on the tannin chemistry, enzyme class and..

By inhibiting soil enzymes, tannins play an important role in soil carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) mineralization. The role of tannin chemistry in this inhibitory process, in conjunction with enzyme classes and isoforms, is less well understood.

Global change impacts on C storage and N cycling

A major focus of my research is to understand not only how the relationship between plant and microbial communities vary among ecosystems, but also to understand how these relationships are altered by global change. Specifically, my research has focused on how increased elevated atmospheric O3 and CO2 affect plant-microbe interactions. The significance of global change for biogeochemical cycling is well recognized at broad scales, but the microbial mechanisms that regulate ecosystem responses to global change are not well understood.

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