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This forum facilitates sharing literature, data and ideas related to our lab group. As with all posts, Key words are crucial. Using many specific key words will allow you to search and locate materials at a later date. Please name papers with the last name of the first author (any additional authors if you like) year, acronym for the journal, followed by a few key words related to the title. Then below in the keywords section, please be generous.
531 531 2 years 28 weeks ago
by bellsl
Welcome all NutNet folks. This forum is a way for our local NutNet group to organize abstracts. Hopefully many of these will evolve to be posted at the larger NutNet site At present we are using this to organize all research that is focused on the Chichaqua Bottoms research site. Certainly it's not limited to this. We just wanted a way to coordinate the efforts of the Labmembers from the Harpole & Hofmockel labgroups.
2 2 7 years 15 weeks ago
by llsull
Papers or thoughts related to microbial community composition or the function of microorganisms in ecosystems are welcome in this forum.
1 1 9 years 20 weeks ago
by sharg
Please check here for information on how to use the website. Also please feel free to post question here as a new topic.
4 5 9 years 7 weeks ago
by sharg
This forum is intended to pass papers, protocols and other information regarding mRNA extraction and analysis.
2 2 9 years 20 weeks ago
by sharg
This forum includes a discussion of information relevant to research taking place at the Kalsow Prairie and adjacent agricultural fields. Any data, proposals, or other information relevant to this project should be posted here.
1 1 9 years 29 weeks ago
by khof
The research project we are working on focuses on the microbial ecology of denitrification. Nitrogen exits the terrestrial system via denitrification, which is the transformation of bioavailable soil NO3- into gaseous N in the form of NO, N2O or N2. The benefit is denitrification can reduce eutrophication of adjacent aquatic ecosystems. The problem is that NO and N2O are greenhouse gases. Our research aims to understand the role of microorganisms in regulating the production N2O during denitrification.
4 4 9 years 25 weeks ago
by sharg
There are 4 genes involved in the denitrification pathway: nar, nir, nor, nos. Initially we will be investigating the nor and nos functional genes.
11 12 9 years 25 weeks ago
by sharg

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