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Functional Genes

Metagenomic Approach

This is the paper we discussed at lab group meeting. This may be an interesting lead in terms of primers.

Kirsten Hofmockel

Kirsten Hofmockel is an assistant professor in the Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology Department at Iowa State University.  She directs the Microbial Ecology Laboratory, which focuses on connecting microscale mechanism to ecosystem-scale biogeochemical processes.


Global change impacts on C storage and N cycling

A major focus of my research is to understand not only how the relationship between plant and microbial communities vary among ecosystems, but also to understand how these relationships are altered by global change. Specifically, my research has focused on how increased elevated atmospheric O3 and CO2 affect plant-microbe interactions. The significance of global change for biogeochemical cycling is well recognized at broad scales, but the microbial mechanisms that regulate ecosystem responses to global change are not well understood.

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