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Gu 2011 Env Polln N2O topography

Effect of topography on nitrous oxide emissions from winter wheat fields in Central France
Jiangxin Gu, Bernard Nicoullaud, Philippe Rochette, Daniel J. Pennock, Catherine Hénault, Pierre Cellier, Guy Richard


Halverson Soil Data

These are data collected by Dr. Larry Halverson at Iowa State University. This document provides physical and chemical properties of pothole soil samples taken in August 2006. In addition elevation change and representative soil types are presented. Thanks to Larry for sharing his data!


Alternative Biomass Cropping Systems & Microbial Processes

A critical gap in making progress toward ecologically beneficial farming practices is an explicit understanding of how soils store carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) over the long term. Farmers are facing new challenges that require management practices for improving soil quality, increasing both belowground (live roots) and aboveground (live cover) biomass, increasing soil organic matter, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To identify optimal man¬agement strategies, an understanding of microbial processes that regulate C and N cycling is essential.

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