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Microbial nitrogen use efficiency - Nature Communications

Adjustment of microbial nitrogen use efficiency to carbon:nitrogen imbalances regulates soil nitrogen cycling, Mooshammer et al. 2014. Nature Communications

Vogel et al. 2014 Submicron structures. . .C and N sequestration. Nature Communications

Vogel et al. 2014. Submicron structures provide preferential spots for carbon and nitrogen sequestration in soils. Nature Communications 5, article 2947

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Can Microbial Ecology and Mycorrhizal Functioning Inform Climate Change Models?

Co-PI Erik Hobbie, University of New Hampshire

Geisseler 2010 N utilization by soil microbes review

Pathways of nitrogen utilization by soil microorganisms e A review
Daniel Geisseler, William R. Horwath, Rainer Georg Joergensen, Bernard Ludwig

Soil Biology & Biochemistry 42 (2010) 2058e2067

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