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prairie potholes

Kalsow Prairie


Nest in Kalsow


Okaboji soil


Cropped vs Prairie


Cropped vs Prairie v2


Getting ready, 19 May 2009


Alescia Roberto

I am a masters student in the Interdepartmental Microbiology Program. My main interest is environmental microbiology, more specifically the terrestrial ecology of microorganisms.

Denitrification in prairie potholes

Denitrification is a crucial aspect of the N cycle, transforming terrestrial N into atmospheric N.  While this can reduce eutrophication of aquatic systems, it can also product N2O, a potent greenhouse gas.  At present there is a critical need to understand the underlying microbiology that drives denitrification so land managers can maximize the benefits of denitrification and minimize greenhouse gas emissions. Our research consists of both field measurements and laboratory manipulations aimed at linking microbiology to ecosystem denitrification rates.

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