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Cellulolytic potential under environmental changes in microbial communities from grassland litter
Renaud Berlemont, Steven D. Allison, Claudia Weihe, Ying Lu, Eoin L. Brodie, Jennifer B. H. Martiny, and Adam C. Martiny
Front Microbiol. 2014; 5: 639.

Uroz 2012 Plos One Functional Assays and Metagenomic Analyses

Functional Assays and Metagenomic Analyses Reveals Differences between the Microbial Communities Inhabiting the Soil Horizons of a Norway Spruce Plantation
In temperate ecosystems, acidic forest soils are among the most nutrient-poor terrestrial environments. In this context, the
long-term differentiation of the forest soils into horizons may impact the assembly and the functions of the soil microbial

454 Sequencing using PCR primers designed from metagenomic data

Varaljay et al. 2010. AEM 609-617. Deep seqeuencing of a dmdA by using PCR primer pairs designed on the basis of metagenomic data.

* Good description of strategy for designing and testing primers designed from marine metagenomic database.

Metagenomic Approach

This is the paper we discussed at lab group meeting. This may be an interesting lead in terms of primers.

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